Monash Sustainability Institute

The Monash Sustainable Development Institute is a leading research and education Institute that catalyses sustainable development solutions to global challenges. It is harnessing Monash University’s expertise to address the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I was asked to design a visual graphic that describes the organisational structure of MSDI and the working relationships between MSDI and its component parts in a way that is visually exciting, energetic and clear to understand.
One of the major challenges was to convey information in a fun, non-didactic way, and to allow the viewer to imagine themselves within the activities of the institute. In terms of simplifying the complex information, the major design decision here was to use a pictorial legend which allows the viewer to decode the infographic at their own leisure and promotes interaction. The direction proposed here is also one of empathy, where I’ve used a neutral but humanist typeface selection and icons. The layout is playful and energetic yet contemporary in spirit, conveying a sense of community.

Project Notes:
Client: Monash University, MSDI Centre
Risograph A3 poster printed on on a 135gsm enviro care paper
Type: Johnston Sans and Akkurat

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