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An industry partner brief in conjunction with the Master of Communication Design Studio that focused on how Australia Post might develop new initiatives to facilitate students transitioning from school into career employment. With current pathways still reliant on legacy recruitment methods, such as traditional job boards and graduate recruitment programs, our team was tasked with the service design of possible pathways to bridge this gap.

We immersed ourselves into student life and studied graduates at different stages of their journeys. Instead of focusing on a single service or touch point, we took a step back to build an understanding of the bigger picture. We mapped each and every connection from finishing school to finding a career job, taking into account; all the physical, digital and human touch points. We considered what could be improved and made a list of services that should be designed and delivered in the future.


We interviewed a range of students of different genders and nationalities, with different experiences in the workforce. Ages ranged from the early 20s to late 30s from disciplines such as Commerce, Marketing, Fashion and Textiles, Social Work, Art Therapy and Communication Design. We also conducted service safaris and user-shadowing of existing job services. The majority of interviews were conducted in-person, recording the audio and transcribing results into a database.

We discovered that people didn’t like using legacy recruitment job boards such as Seek; moreover, people found their personal and inter-personal networks were more effective in finding work. We also found that people require further training once in a job, as academia did not mirror employment. Many graduates expected to intern and work their way through entry-level roles before attaining their dream job.

For the student, this is a mix of emotional highs and lows. It is great to move straight from graduation to employment, but equally stressful when you cannot find the right job. We documented all of this in the service blueprint across three key mindsets. Our holistic, actionable and forward-looking vision was presented to senior management as the basis for potential new start-ups within Australia Post.

Project notes:
Service Design sprints by James Ratsasane,
Duncan Blachford and Arabella Kilmartin

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