Gerard and Marc

Gerard and Marc’s highly detailed photographic tableaux are based on in-depth research of the period, subject and site, but reinterpret through the eyes of contemporary (present-day) ways of seeing. The trouble with being one of Melbourne’s hardest working duos is you build an impressive and vast body of work. The approach working with Gerard and Marc was a curatorial one. The design language was to recede and provide the framework for the viewer to navigate and appreciate the content, not to compete or effect the reading of the image in any way from the meticulously crafted and surreal photography. In this sense, a reductive design, with a central axis to aid in the long form appreciation of the images was developed to let Gerard and Marc’s work do what it does best – sell itself. Garamond, a sixteenth-century typeface was incorporated to reinforce the grandeur of the duos work and aid in ease of reading without distraction.

Project notes:
Design + Development: James Ratsasane
Photography: Gerard & Marc
Typography: Garamond and Karla

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