The Autonomous Designer

In his 1996 essay ‘The designer as author’, Michael Rock wrote: “Authorship may suggest new approaches to the issue of the design process in a profession traditionally associated more with the communication rather than the origination of messages.” Rock thus evokes a common (mis)understanding of what graphic designers do, the notion that they only style content that has come from elsewhere, from some practice outside their own. Underlying this is the assumption that ‘content’ is primary and ‘design’ is secondary, perhaps even that the task of graphic design is simply to decorate content. This common understanding ignores the fact that the distinction between design and content is not as clear cut as many assume. As argued by Rock (and others), design itself is a kind of content, a kind of authorship. In thinking about these themes, this reflective book based on ACDC lane is a response to Rock’s ideas and the site itself. It presents a reflection on the random compositions, mysterious artefacts, symbols and logos and reframes the site from dingy alley to a space for participatory design.

Project Notes:
P.O.D 40pp saddle stitch book
Riso print on a 60gsm enviro care paper
Type: Akzidenz Grotesk
Published by First Love Projects

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