William van der Vliet

Aquatic in feel and old school in sound, the music of William van der Vliet fuses melancholic lyrics, slacker guitars with saw-toothed strings to transport you into a world of bittersweet optimism. The debut EP “Nostalgia” provides a sublime insight into young lust and love and draws on 60’s inspired psychedelic influences with contemporary favourites such as Beach House and Wild Nothing. My strategy and approach to art direction was to focus on the idea of absence and offer a scene where personal objects were used to evoke an open-ended story that could explore many themes within the album. Ideas such as impermanence, nostalgia, strength and fragility, estrangement and reconciliation, examining how these ideas exist within a personal context—to visually navigate the ambiguity much like Williams music does.

Project Notes:
12″ vinyl packaging
Art Direction: James Ratsasane
Photography: William van der Vliet

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